Proper Clothing & Shoes

Clothing... There's a saying..."Cotton is rotten." It applies to your running clothes (even your socks)! No cotton! For your clothing, look for items that are marked "dri-fit," or "moisture wicking." The fabric is NOT cotton. These types of fabric pull moisture away from your body and then it dries quickly. While you won't be absolutely dry you will be much more comfortable and less likely to chafe. Chaffing is a condition that some people deal with, and it's painful. The right fabric can help. If you find … [Read more...]

Jon Olsen Successfully Defends His 2010 SAMM Title

Jon Olsen 2:39:42

Were you confident you'd repeat as winner this year? Absolutely not! I knew of three competitors that had faster PR's than me. My training was ahead of last year but I thought at best I would run 2:40. I thought the winning time would be a few minutes faster, 2:37 or so. I am glad I had reserved myself to running my race and placing as high as I could because that strategy paid off in the end. If I had tried to run with the leaders, I don't think I would have won. I would like to add one other thing. There was a … [Read more...]

San Franciscan Michelle Meyer Captures the 2011 Women’s Crown

Michelle Meyer 2:52:25

What made you enter the Modesto Marathon? How did you hear about it? I discovered the Modesto Marathon online on and saw that it was a fast, flat course that was relatively close to my home in San Francisco. I thought that this marathon would be a perfect final long training run for the Boston Marathon, so I signed up! What is your marathon PR? My marathon PR is actually what I ran at the Modesto Marathon this year: 2:52:25. How long have you been running? I began running as … [Read more...]