A Runner Inspired to Write


We recently received this letter from a Modesto Marathon 5K participant. It was such a touching story that we had to share it with you.   “You RUN?  Why would you want to do that??”  “You should take up something that’s not so hard on you, like biking.”  “You know, roller blading is way easier on your knees and back.” These are all statements that friends (friends, mind you…not strangers) have made to me when they found out I’m a runner. Let me say that again; I’m a runner. First of all, it took … [Read more...]

SAMM Hats Are Here!

Modesto Marathon Hat

The Modesto Marathon hats were such a hit last year that we brought them back for the 2013 race. Let everyone know you are training for the Modesto Marathon by wearing the official hat on your runs. For only $12.00, this hat is a real bargain. Where Can I Get My Hat? There are several opportunities this month to purchase your new running hat. There are even ways to get a hat for FREE. Hats will be available for purchase at all 3 of the training program meetings. If you register for the marathon or … [Read more...]

Listen To Our Radio Spot

Clear Channel Radio

Clear Channel Radio is airing a public service announcement for the Modesto Marathon. Click the link below to listen to it. 2013 MM PSA Training … [Read more...]

Adult Training Program Starting

Adult Marathon Training Group

Hard to believe that it is that time of year again already. Time to start training for the 2013 Modesto Marathon. This year, our training program will be bigger and better than ever before. We have more coaches, mentors and coordinators to help you get ready to perform at your best on race day. An overview of the new Adult Training Program can be found in our website's Training section. To get everyone up to speed for this 26-week program, we are having 3 informational meetings: Wednesday, Sept. 5, … [Read more...]

Winners & More… 2011 SAMM


Such a proud moment to stand on the winners platform and receive your medal. … [Read more...]

On the Course in 2011


Wonder what it looks like out on the marathon course? Here are photos from the infamous 2011 race. … [Read more...]

Our Inaugural Year – 2010


SAMM was so young back in 2010. … [Read more...]

Runners Aren’t Afraid of a Little Rain


Mother Nature played a trick on us for the 2011 race. No matter, everyone still had a great time and enjoyed the run. … [Read more...]

Photos of the 2011 SAMM Expo


Here is a little trip down memory lane. Do you remember the second annual SAMM Expo? … [Read more...]