Our Inaugural Year – 2010


SAMM was so young back in 2010. … [Read more...]

Runners Aren’t Afraid of a Little Rain


Mother Nature played a trick on us for the 2011 race. No matter, everyone still had a great time and enjoyed the run. … [Read more...]

Photos of the 2011 SAMM Expo


Here is a little trip down memory lane. Do you remember the second annual SAMM Expo? … [Read more...]

Create Your Own Marathon Pace Wristband

Marathon Pace Wristband

One of the keys to achieving your best marathon time is to keep an even pace throughout the race. Go out too fast and you'll hit the wall, go out too slow and you won't be able to make up the time later (but you may feel more rested at the end). Determine the pace that you believe you can honestly achieve and stick to it. Use these wristbands to guide you through those miles (or kilometers) when your mind can't do the math anymore (or you want to save your concentration for your race). Of course you may need to … [Read more...]

Here We Are, Ready For Race Day Information…..

This week, stay hydrated, be cautious about what you eat (think healthy), and stay healthy with lots of hand washing and avoiding sick people. Later in the week, lay out every item you need for race morning (shoes, shorts, socks, gels, hydration pack, etc. etc). Pin your bib to the front of your shirt after visiting the Expo. RACE DAY!! The half and full marathon start at 7am. Arrive at least one hour prior to the race. Wake up early enough to take care of everything you must do (eat and drink, visit the … [Read more...]

Boston Contest winner is Vicky King of Salida……


Vicky King of Salida wasn’t supposed to be running the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon on March 18. She was supposed to be home with her hubby, celebrating 34 years of wedded bliss. But when she couldn’t find a marathon she wanted to do about the same time, she got the blessings she needed from her husband, she ran, and boy is she thankful. King is the winner of the SAMM first-time Boston qualifier contest! She wins $1,000 toward her dream trip to compete in the 2013 Boston Marathon. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” … [Read more...]

Congratulations! And, What’s Next?

Congratulations! Whether you realize it or not, you have inspired people with your commitment to you marathon goal! What's next for you? We hope your commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle is just beginning. First, you get to rest for a bit. By Wednesday or Thursday, you can start with light, easy running--about 1-3 miles.  Walking and stretching are great too. You can gradually increase the amount of miles you run as the days go by.  Generally speaking, your body needs one day for every mile you ran … [Read more...]

It’s Taper Time!!!

With just 20 days until the Modesto Marathon, it's finally time to "taper."  I want to share the following article with you so that you'd understand just exactly what tapering means. (source: www.runnersworld.com)  The final 3 weeks are the most important in any marathon-training program. Here's everything you need to know and do leading up to race day. By Bob Cooper    Published 12/09/2003 Every good marathon-training plan should "taper" during those final 21 days. That means you run less and rest more. For … [Read more...]

Proper Clothing & Shoes

Clothing... There's a saying..."Cotton is rotten." It applies to your running clothes (even your socks)! No cotton! For your clothing, look for items that are marked "dri-fit," or "moisture wicking." The fabric is NOT cotton. These types of fabric pull moisture away from your body and then it dries quickly. While you won't be absolutely dry you will be much more comfortable and less likely to chafe. Chaffing is a condition that some people deal with, and it's painful. The right fabric can help. If you find … [Read more...]

Jon Olsen Successfully Defends His 2010 SAMM Title

Jon Olsen 2:39:42

Were you confident you'd repeat as winner this year? Absolutely not! I knew of three competitors that had faster PR's than me. My training was ahead of last year but I thought at best I would run 2:40. I thought the winning time would be a few minutes faster, 2:37 or so. I am glad I had reserved myself to running my race and placing as high as I could because that strategy paid off in the end. If I had tried to run with the leaders, I don't think I would have won. I would like to add one other thing. There was a … [Read more...]