Aid Stations

It’s that time of year when the Teens and the Modesto Marathon training programs are starting to ramp up! We need some help in manning our aid stations. Anyone is welcome to help – runners, friends, family members.

We will need one person to be the head of the aid station for the weekend. That person will be in charge of obtaining the tables/supplies and setting up the actual aid station. We also need extra people to help give out drinks/snacks at the station (as well as cheer the runners on!).

Dates That Are Needed

All dates are Saturdays.

  • 12/15/12 – 10 miles, 1 aid station
  • 12/22/12 – 12miles, 2 stations
  • 12/29/12 – Flat Arch, please talk with Adrian if you’d like to help this weekend
  • 1/5/13 – 14 miles, 2 stations
  • 1/19/13 – 16 miles, 3 stations
  • 1/26/13 – 10 miles, 1 station
  • 2/2/13 – 18 miles, 3 stations
  • 2/9/13 – 10 miles, 1 station
  • 2/16/13 – 20 miles, 4 stations
  • 3/2/13 – 22 miles, 4 stations

Aid Station Leader Duties

  1. Coordinate with Heidi Ryan/Mike Mason before the event to assemble names of volunteers that will be working with you that day
  2. Coordinate with Heidi Ryan/Jeff Lozano to obtain access to the Pike Building to get tables/supplies
  3. Arrive at station (time to be supplied by Mike Mason/Heidi Ryan) area to set up tables/cups/etc
  4. Work aid station for duration of run
  5. Clean up afterwards
  6. Return aid station materials to Heidi Ryan.

As aid station leader, if you are unable to make it to the run that day, we would like you to try and find a replacement – if not, please let Heidi Ryan/Mike Mason know as soon as possible.

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