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Running a marathon is hard…if it’s your 1st marathon or your 40th marathon, it’s hard. Our experienced Pace Leaders support all runners, from beginner to hardcore. Hook up with our experienced Pace Leaders and get out there and achieve your goals!

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One of the keys to achieving your best marathon time is to keep an even pace throughout the race. Go out too fast and you’ll hit the wall, go out too slow and you won’t be able to make up the time later (but you may feel more rested at the end). Determine the pace that you believe you can honestly achieve and stick to it.

Our Pace Leaders will help you to keep a consistent pace throughout the marathon. Simply determine your goal finish time and find the Pace Leader holding a sign with that finish time on it.

Pace Leader finish times are determined by Boston Marathon qualification times.


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For information on becoming a Pacer, please contact our Pace Team Coordinator, Charles Wickersham using the form below.