Dave Larson


3:30 Pace Leader

Marathon PR: – Napa Marathon 3:04. Never have really tried to beat that time, just like running marathons. I have run 8 marathons under 3:10. I also enjoy ultra marathons and long distance hiking. my PR in the 100 is 21:28, in 50 miles 8:22, 50K 4:58….

First Marathon: 2001 Los Angeles Marathon in 3:47

Favorite Marathon: Has always been the San Francisco Marathon. Love the hilly course, I’ve run it 6 times.

Past Pacing Experience: I have paced the Fresno Marathon for 4 years, Modesto last year

Suggestions to your pace group: The marathon is a long race. I like to start a little fast, maybe 1 minute ahead after 5 or 6 miles, then settle into the pace until mile 22. After 22 if your feeling strong I will send you ahead, if not stay with me and I will get you in by 3:30!