Ray Rios


4:10 Pace Leader

Marathon PR Where/When: 3:14:58 California International Marathon (CIM) 2011

First Marathon: CIM (California International Marathon) 2010

Favorite Marathon: Modesto Marathon! 2013

Past Pacing Experience: I have helped pace friends in Ultra Marathon 100 mile races, and I have helped coach many running friends to improve their speed. I have been told that I would make a great pacer for this event! I have run this time and will run a trial version prior to the race to be accurate. I am consistent and do not like to disappoint.

Suggestions to your pace group:

Hydration: Being properly hydrated will lessen any chances of cramps, and you might be able to skip a few aid stations for faster time. I recommend: No milk, soda, or energy drinks.

Nutrition: Eat a healthy, high carbohydrate diet with lots of green vegetables the night before. I recommend pasta or spaghetti and spinach. In the morning I recommend oatmeal with banana for sugar supplement, and half bagel, no butter.

Gear: Run in what you train in not what’s new or will look good in pictures. Use body glide for chaffing and bandages over nipples.

Rest: Try and get at least 6 to 8 hours of rest if you can. Pack your race gear two days before.

Mental Focus: Folks, we are going to be out there for over four hours; mantras, music, or chatting (I’m a chatter box!) whatever helps you get past the hurt, use it. I personally think of my family members. I have a big family, and thank each one of them in my mind.