Bonnie Creely

Bonnie Creely

Run/Walk Coach

Work(209) 581-2901

Bonnie Creely offers a truly unique experience coaching new walkers and runners. Her beginner-friendly, non-competitive approach  sing the Jeff Galloway method, welcomes all fitness levels and abilities.

Using her experiences as a lifelong athlete, Bonnie worked as an assistant trainer for several years and is currently earning her certification as a Yoga instructor at Village Yoga Center here in Modesto. Bringing the best of both worlds together to develop a group dynamic, yet personalized to meet each person’s needs.

She is passionate about the benefits of living a balanced lifestyle. Let her help you set goals, engage in a personal training plan, reduce stress and live the fullest life possible.

Please feel free to contact Bonnie with any questions or concerns.


  1. Michael Creely says:

    Bonnie, like many other coaches in this group, is truely an amazing and caring individual. After running the half marathon, Bonnie and Laura Johnson met with runners near the final leg of the race to offer moral suppot and give those she trained positive encouragement and ran with them for a time to help them finish the race. Both her and Laura are truely a dynamic duo dedicated to helping those meet and exceed their goals in and outside of the Shadowchase running club.

    I am Bonnie’s husband and supporter. I have seen so many people bennefit from this experience and just wanted to take a moment to give her Kudos for all the time she gives in order that others can succeed in their goals without injury.

    Lots of love to you Bonnie and to all your fans that you support and that support you,


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