Chris Rosario

Chris Rosario

3:40 Pace Leader

Hometown: Cerritos, CA

Marathon PR: 3:18 at the 2010 Fresno Marathon

How many marathons/ultras have you run: 19 Marathons, 2 Ultras, 1 Ironman (there’s a marathon somewhere in that triathlon, I think. That race was a 12 hour blur.)

Favorite Marathon: I think I liked all of my marathons in different ways. I’ll just say, there isn’t one I did not like.

Favorite marathon memory: You can never forget your first marathon. Mine was the 2003 Chicago marathon. The anticipation of finally answering the months of training on whether you will complete a marathon is put to the test once you cross that finish line.

Other hobbies: Swimming, cycling, science stuff (I’m a microbiologist).

The event that you’re most proud of: Running the 2005 Toronto marathon. I helped train a couple of friends for their first marathon. It was an awesome feeling to see your friends finish a marathon.

Other pacing experiences: 2010 OC marathon (3:40 group), 2012 Surf City marathon (3:35 group).

Any tips for runners about to join your pace group: I’ll run a little slow on the uphill & bank time on the downhills. But considering that the course profile looks rather flat, we’ll try & keep a steady pace! I’ll speed through water stations so it’ll give you space to get water.

A saying/quotation that you like: Newton’s first law of motion: “A body in motion will stay in motion unless acted by an outside force”.