SAMM Posters Available for a Limited Time


Did you run this year’s Modesto Marathon and neglect to buy a race poster? How about any of the 3 previous years?

Here is your chance to correct this over site. Artist Mike Pascale has a limited number of race posters on eBay.

Don’t delay! The opportunity to own a piece of your running history ends April 24th.

To get your poster, visit Mike’s eBay page.

About Chad Johnson

Chad puts his passion for running and the internet to good use for our race. He and his company, Agent Evolution, are responsible for this website, email marketing and social media presence for the Modesto Marathon.


  1. Mike Pascale works very hard every year on these posters and we’re very honored to have him share his talents with the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon. He donates a portion of any profit that he makes from these posters back to the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon and Teens Run Modesto. I’m not sure that everyone is aware of Mike Pascale’s generosity. Thank you Mike!

  2. Totally agree! Thank you Mike for your Artistry! I know he’s already thinking of plans for next year’s prints/posters.

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