Spring Expected Soon in California

MM2014_AModesto Marathon organizers hope that warmer weather will be here for the marathon. But seriously, while most of the country is suffering from a cold snap, Modesto is having a typical California winter and by the time the event arrives on March 23rd we are confident that we will have perfect weather for a PR on this fast course.


  1. Eddie Hahn says:

    Are you kidding?! It was over 80 degrees F. Sunday at the Los Angeles marathon! This was a 40F increase from the Tokyo Marathon I ran two weeks before, and I paid for it dearly. (I had ran a 7 year best at Tokyo.) I am considering pacing a friend and running this year’s Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon. It seems to me if the weather holds typical to previous years (or even slightly cooler), this is nearly optimal.

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