Tyre Girl Running The Modesto Marathon

Tyre GirlUpdate: Read Tyre Girl’s blog post about her experience at the Modesto Marathon.

TyreGirl (TG) is an IT consultant who grew up in Singapore and now works in the UK. She was conceived in 2006 when she began training for a North Pole expedition with a tyre decided to enter the Singapore marathon with her tyre.

Her current ambition is to complete 100 marathon/ultra marathon events by 2020 with a tyre.

She has completed 29 marathons (24 marathons and 5 ultras; 848.4 miles) and DNF in a 135 mile marathon, having to be pulled off the course at mile 60 as she limped along with an injured achilles.

Due to the quirky nature of a gal pulling a tyre in a marathon, TG thought she would make people more aware of the impact they are having on the environment and so began her campaign to highlight the importance of conservation and sustainability.

A tyre is very much part of the energy cycle. We use tyres to get us from A to B and we dump tyres when they no longer have any more use to us.

The simple message is Reduce, Reuse, Repair! Recycle as a last resort.

For more information go to www.tyregirl.com.

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