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Some of the most frequently asked volunteer questions and answers are below.

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I would like to volunteer. Who do I contact?

An event of this proportion requires many volunteers. If you would like to help, please contact volunteer coordinator Gabi Guerrini volunteer@modestomarathon.com.

Where can I pick up my volunteer instructions and volunteer packet?

Come to the race Expo and there will be a volunteer booth in the lobby with all your volunteer information.  Your volunteer coordinator may coordinate with you prior to the Expo if necessary.

What should I wear?

If working outside, please make sure to wear layers as the weather is changeable this time of year.

What about food?

It is best to bring a snack or lunch given the need for flexibility in assignments. Although we will provide you with a food coupon you may not be able to leave your position until after your shift.

Can I secure my valuables while I work as a volunteer?

Since there are many areas needed in assigning volunteers we cannot guarantee a secure storage area.

How do I join the In-Shape Pace Team

Running a marathon is hard ... whether it's your first marathon or your 40th. Our experienced Pace Leaders support all runners, from beginner to hardcore. Hook up with our experienced Pace Leaders and get out there and achieve your goals! You can meet Pace Leaders at the Expo or simply line up in the corals with them. They will be holding projected finish time signs.

For information on becoming a Pacer, please contact Mike Mason at training@modestomarathon.com  and visit our pace team page.

If you would like to help with the March 24, 2013 event, contact our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@modestomarathon.com.